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Home Health Should we be afraid of CORONA?

Should we be afraid of CORONA?

In recent days, all humanity is nervous. Everyone pays attention to hygiene rules. Even people who do not know what is washing their hands wash their hands 8-10 times a day. Is it necessary for a person to face the danger of death to pay attention to hygiene rules as much as necessary? Would it have spread so much if we were all very careful and clean before we got this virus? Mouth and nose cleaning, cleaning of hands, cleaning with alcohol, not touching around in crowded places, not kissing and shaking with other people seems to be the best precautions for now.

What if the corona virus infects us?

Here’s the real issue starts here. If you think the virus is infected, you should definitely go to the hospital. If you get a negative result after taking the necessary test, you can continue your life. But if it turned out positive, then you cannot go back to your social life. If you come back, you would be unfair to many people. Nobody should do this. We cannot socialize without treatment. Is it right to be afraid of corona? of course not! The more it is necessary to take precautions and be conscious, the more unnecessary it is to turn it into extreme fear.

How does Corona show itself?

In fact, it is not much different from classic chills and flu symptoms. There are symptoms such as sore throat, fever of the body, cough, shortness of breath. If you have one or more of these symptoms, you should go to the doctor.

Yes, hard days are waiting for us as the whole world. Economy and tourism are getting worse day by day. But as the whole world, we will overcome this unfortunate process. Being selfish and taking precautions are the most important rules.

So, in which countries has Corona been seen so far?

It was seen in more than 100 countries. The number of people carrying the disease has exceeded 120,000. More than 4300 people died. Italy was the country that suffered the most after China. In addition, Iran has taken its place among the countries where the Corona Virus is seen the most. The virus started to decrease in China, but the increase in Europe cannot be stopped.

So why is the number of viruses seen in China decreasing and the number of viruses increasing in Europe?

Experts say that this has to do with people in China not leaving the house. The fact that there were harsh state sanctions on this issue led people to an isolated life at home. However, there is no such situation in Europe yet. In this case, the following question comes to mind: Should Europe and its surrounding countries take aggressive measures just like China?

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