Are You Satisfied With Plaza Life?


What do you think about the life of the plaza, which is called modern slavery according to most people? It would be wrong to mention a country specifically, but when we hit the world, we can say that most of the people working here are not satisfied with their salary. Many employees also say that human rights are disregarded.

In fact, everything in sight is perfect. A lot of things have been considered while these buildings are being built. A sterile and sophisticated environment. Also, people with high educational level work together. So where do these problems come from?

Well, would I be wrong if I tell you that slavery has changed shape and differentiated with the developing technology and modernizing world? At least I was wrong for a few countries. Sometimes I look at technology’s people do not think. If so, advanced devices and robots would deal with public services before war technologies. Technological devices used to do things that people should not do in the 21st century, such as garbage collection and mining.

Why are state-of-the-art smart buildings crazy? First of all, why do most of them have ventilation problems? We are exposed to oxygen, our most basic need. Eye-tiring lighting systems and work chairs that disrupt physical health… Does all this really provide favorable conditions for human work?

What do the White Collar do?

Usually they earn money with their brain power. When they don’t take responsibility, their bosses says “ should take more responsibility! ” . when they take responsibility, they may face the reaction like “how do you do business without asking me”.

And some of the people here at the end of the day do not give up without complaining, but believe that this is fate. The other part of these people says, “I have to do my own job.”

Does mobing harm human psychology?

Of course it gives. The effort and effort are not appreciated, the person encounters many attacks unfairly, unfair competition, lack of sense of justice, immobility and weight gain, shortness of breath… Experiencing all of these gradually wears the person.

Of course, we do not say that everybody should leave big cities, but make a modest life in your village. However, we need to change the system that has gone bad together.