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Home Business City of Luxury and Splendor: Dubai

City of Luxury and Splendor: Dubai

Dubai is the heart of the Middle East. It is a place where everything is extremely expensive and luxurious. It is surrounded by deserts all around. There are many activities that can be done for tourists here. There are safari, swim, ferris wheel, yacht tour, helicopter tour and many fun activities. It is like a visual feast with its luxury cars and magnificent structures. While walking on the road, you usually see luxury vehicles. And if you want, you can rent one of these luxury vehicles. Women tourists, who usually go to Dubai, are worried about what to wear. But there is no need to worry. Nobody cares about what you wear, unless it’s too exaggerated. If you like what you wear in your normal life, what you like to wear when you go on vacation, you can continue wearing it in the same way. In Dubai, only local people have to dress according to traditions. Both men and women are obliged to do so. Dubai is most famous for its buildings. Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, is here. It is also a place open to tourist visits. You can also visit the largest aquarium in the world. This aquarium is located in Dubai Mall. It is truly incredible to have such a large aquarium inside a shopping mall!

Night Life in Dubai

There is a very luxurious, luxurious and quality place in Dubai. There are many alternative restaurants where you can eat and drink alcohol. They also turn into entertainment venues after a certain hour in the evening. Buddha Bar, one of the favorite places, can fascinate you with its delicious food and delicious alcohol. In addition, their music and entertainment get full points from their visitors. There are also great Lounge Bars for those who like to sit outdoors. Wouldn’t you like to drink your ice cold cocktail on a hot summer evening among the majestic skyscrapers?

Food in Dubai

Apart from places where you can taste local Arabic dishes, there are also restaurants where you can experience the cuisine of many different countries. For example, India, Pakistan, Greece, you can taste the different flavors of the country such as Turkey.

Best activity: Safari

If you went to Dubai, you should definitely do an activity safari! You can buy a safari program with any online application. The driver will pick you up from your hotel. It will then take you to the desert and offer you the best service to have a crazy experience in beautiful sands. Truly unique moments are waiting for you! Also, don’t forget to take photos in the desert after the safari.

The most beautiful place: Miracle Garden

This is a truly amazing place. Imagine such a place that; it contains magnificent sculptures made entirely of plants. You can see a huge aircraft statue, Elephant statue, Mickey Mouse statue and many more here. There are also millions of colorful flowers in this garden! This place gives people happiness and inspiration!

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